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USB caller ID units are one of those useful tools for those who take orders by the phone. This happens usually for takeaways, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, and similar businesses. Therefore, if you are one of owners of the mentioned trades or you are planning to start one, you will definitely need a caller ID unit to speed up the process of receiving orders and managing the phone orders.

But what caller ID to pick can be a critical question. Although the caller ID units are usually not as expensive as other EPOS items, it is one of the essential ones specially for phone orderings. Thus, it is worth learning more about all things about the caller id unit, from costs and usage to what factors to consider when you are buying one.

In this article we are going to take a look at the number of today’s businesses using caller id units, what is the best caller ID unit to buy, where to buy and related issues. Don’t miss to read to the end!

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  • What is a caller ID unit? + the usage

  • Best caller ID unit features

  • Where to buy a quality caller ID unit?

  • Conclusion

What is a caller ID unit? + the usage

A caller ID unit can be an extra accessory in the epos system which will help the cashier or the operator to see the calling customers’ details. The details may include address, name, last orders list, last order date, etc. rather than the phone number. In fact, a caller ID unit can be used to separate the new customers from the loyal ones.

Of course, there is a caller ID option on the current produced phones, but they are not going to mention such detailed information. In other words, the usage of a caller ID unit in businesses is not only discovering the caller’s identification, rather it is used to give a short summary of the customer background in your business.

Best caller ID unit features

There are a few factors to consider when you are about to buy a caller ID unit for your business and they include:

  1. Costs

  2. Display

  3. Compatibility

  4. Connections

So, let’s review them in more detail.

Costs of caller ID unit

As we mentioned earlier, a caller ID unit is not such an expensive item in EPOS packages. Therefore, don’t think of spending too much on a caller ID unit to expect awkward features! The purpose of a caller ID unit is completely determined so you will pay for a limited set of options. If you found a caller ID unit more than £70, refuse to buy! And if it was less than £30, again don’t think to have it (unless it is on sale).


If you are buying a caller ID unit with display on it, make sure it is a quality display and the numbers are shown readable. Otherwise, if it is a non-display caller ID unit, it would be connected to the epos display and shows information straightaway. Therefore, there is no need to consider this factor.


A good caller ID unit should be compatible with all epos devices. Hence, ask the provider to see if it is compatible with your current epos system or not. If you are buying both caller ID units and the epos system from the same shop, they would be compatible and you won’t need to search for them.


Nowadays, most caller ID units are having USB connecting support, so that it is called a USB caller ID unit. They can also be Bluetooth caller ID units which can be useful for special businesses that require less wires around! Generally, both would be handy so this one can be a factor that you decide for it. Just note that it doesn’t affect internal features but the costs.

Where to buy a quality caller ID unit?

It is time to buy a quality caller ID unit, but from where? Don’t worry at all since we are here to help you.

AOTM epos system company is one of the most reliable companies in the UK providing the latest technology with epos systems for different kinds of businesses, from updated software to guaranteed hardware. No matter if you are a small gift shop or a giant multi branched restaurant, epos will have a solution for you! USB caller ID unit is one of the popular products on AOTM website that you can simply order and receive it anywhere in the UK.

You can also use a great option of AOTM and that’s free website designing for your brand. This way, you would be able to expand your market through the internet and sell products or services even when you are not open!


Caller ID units are turning to an essential part of the current businesses, as it is useful for identifying customers easily. Through this tool, it is possible to figure out the loyal customers when they call and have a shore analysis of each customer ordering through the phone. In this article we claimed the usage of caller ID units and what it exactly brings you while mentioning some of the factors to consider when you want to buy a caller ID, where to buy and how much to spend. We hope reading this article would be helpful to the business owners.

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