Tips to Secure your Garage

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The garage is an important area for homeowners because that is where they store some of their prized and expensive possessions, from your bicycle, motorbike or car, to all your tools and hardware for working. This is why it is important to ensure your garage is safe and you will have peace of mind when you are asleep at night or when you are not around your home.


Below are some tips that will help in making your garage more secure so you can protect your belongings from potential break-ins.


The Basics

If you want to protect your garage and possession from break-ins and theft, you need to start by ensuring that you are not advertising the garage as an easy target because thieves are always on the lookout.


You should always have your garage shut when not in use, and avoid opening it for long periods of time as you do other tasks like gardening but not inside the garage. Thieves can be quiet and fast and they can easily sneak in and take off with your stuff in a blink of an eye. They usually come and identify viable targets then make a move the moment they know they are going to succeed. You shouldn’t let them know that your property is easy to steal.


You should also know what you can keep inside your house or elsewhere and what you can keep in the garage. You should not store valuable and expensive items in the garage because you are increasing the likelihood of your garage becoming a target. When you can store something inside your home instead of the garage, do so. If it is not possible to have it inside the house, make sure it has been locked up tight in a garage. This will provide an extra layer of security and thieves will have a harder time stealing the item. You can chain your bicycles together using a chain because it means they have to find a way of cutting the chain before they can steal the bicycle.


Install Locking Garage Door Bolts

Locking garage door bolt kits are readily available and you can see plenty of advice here. The kit comes with a locking mechanism and keys fitting at either side of the bottom part of the garage door, which is going to secure it to the floor or the frame from both sides. You have to get a drill because you will need it to install the bolts. Once you have installed it, your garage is going to be a little safer.


These bolts can work with most types of garage doors, but they work best with up and over designs. Your garage door has a working lock, but getting these additional bolts are going to make your garage safer. You can also gain access from outside and inside, if you usually access your garage internally, you don’t have to drill external keyholes to improve the security even more.


Garage Door Defenders

These devices are great because they are going to let the burglars know that you are serious about the security of your property. These come with a base plate and bar and makes sure the garage door cant be opened beyond the bar, which is usually a few millimeters. You are going to fix the base plate on the ground so it can be secure. When you remove the padlock of the bar to the base plate, you can easily swing the garage door.


Security Lights

One of the biggest fears for most burglars is being caught in the act. You can install motion-activated lights around your property including the garage. When the lights go on, the intruder is going to freeze because they fear being spotted by you or your neighbors. While this doesn’t do much to make the garage door more secure, it helps because the burglars will know you are serious about your security and they are not welcomed in the property.



Alarms are great for your home and garage security. Motion sensor alarms work great because it is going to detect any movements inside the garage or detect a break-in. The alarm is going to detect when there is a break-in connecting the garage door and the frame. When the burglars break into the garage, it is not going to go unnoticed.


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